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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> i have no doubt we will stop this in its tracks in the u.s. >> right now at 11:00. out of africa, the ebola virus reach the u.s. good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai, a worldwide scare on u.s. soil. the patient was diagnosed in the united states. a man from africa in texas several days before being
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admitted. the fear is at the hospital but at the airport. nbc bay area's jean elle from sfo with the story. >> raj, africa is a plane ride away. with people traveling from the united states to west africa and back and forth just a matter of time before a case arrived here in the united states. and experts say hospitals were preparing for it. >> the world is interconnected. people can get on airplanes be one part of the world within 24 hours. so, unless, unless we truly stopped all air travel we will have people occasionally with ebola. >> uc berkeley professor dr. arthur rynegold says with people flying the first confirmed ebola case in the united states in texas probably won't be the last. the unidentified man is in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital. he flew from liberia to dallas
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september 19th to visit family. passengers temperatures are taken before boarding planes in liberia and again when they land in the u.s. doctors say the man had no symptoms during his travels. which means passengers are most likely not in danger. off awe i think sitting next to the person on the plane or sitting in the same cabin of the plane, particularly if the person is asymptomatic i dent think is a concern. >> the cdc is concerned about the people the man was in contact with after heave became sick. the virus its spread through contact with bodily fluids. the agency has a team in dallas tracking down the man's contacts and monitoring them for symptoms. hospitals in the bay area are on alert. urging medical professional to be watching for patients with symptoms. and travel history to west africa. while the virus is spreading in africa it is unlikely it will spread here in the u.s. >> i think in terms of of a threat to the united states, the
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reality is, this is a disease that we can -- we can control. and prevent transmission. with the time of technology and health care providers and, equipment that we have here in the united states. >> he also says it is likely the cdc will contact the passengers on brd the plaoard the plane to them the risk was low and they're not sick. airlines are also expected to report sick passengers to the cdc. reporting live, jean elle. >> thank you. symptoms of ebola, fever, severe headache, and vomiting. this can happen anywhere from two to 21 days after exposure. on average, the onset of symptoms is about ten days. be sure to tune in to "today" tomorrow morning for a live interview with this man, director of the cdc, tomorrow on "today" 7:00 a.m. >> developing story. shot dead by his wife.
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the mayor killed during a domestic dispute that involved with his wife and his teenage son. now, it is a population, bell gardens, 10 miles southeast of l.a. we are joined from the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, the wife was released from custody. >> 30 minutes ago the wife who investigatored shot her husband several times has been released. when you hear the details you may understand why. take a look at a picture of 45-year-old daniel crespoe, mayor of bell gardens. this all began 2:30 this afternoon in the condo complex. investigators say the mayor and his wife, lavette were arguing in the bedroom when their 19-year-old son, daniel junior intervened. >> father, daniel senior became physical with his son. reports are he punched him in the face. shortly after the wife, lavette, released the firearm and shot
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the mayor several times in the upper torstorso. the wife was in custody for hours, never arrested. has been released by los angeles couldn'ty sheriffs department assisting the bell gardens pd. the district attorney's office will determine if criminal charges will be filed. the son, daniel junior was treated for injuries to his face. daniel and his wife both from brooklyn are described as high school sweethearts. married in 1986. they have day 26-year-old daughter. he was elected to city council, 2001. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> weekend shooting in san jose. the victim, 24-year-old richard watkins was struck and killed by a stray bullet. it has been a hot spot for crime. the gunman fired at an arriving relative in the process of parking his car. that stray bullet struck watkins as he stood outside his home.
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>> the leash got tighter for the surviving pot clubs in san jose. the city is cracking down to. day the city council approved new and far more expensive fines for breaking the rules. for example, a $25 nuisance fine is now $2,500. for a first offense. $5,000 for second offense. marijuana club supporters say it will make things harder for those who rely on medical marijuana in the south bay. they're not pushing for a 2016 ballot nesh o ballot measure. >> we have new video to show you. caught on camera. policen walnut creek, searching for a thief that stole credit card from a woman's wallet in a restaurant and went on a shopping spree. take a good look. watch as the thief, boldly steals the wallet out of an unsuspecting woman's purse. yesterday, noon. after emptying the wallet add returning the purse. the suspect left and charged
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$3,000 on the credit card. if you recognize her, you are asked to call police. >> homeowners on hypeigh alert after a string of break-ins. 15 homes targeted this month in one area. area south of embarcadaro to mountain border. police released a sketch. not sure if the same person is behind every case. some one identified. last week some one broke into a home on calpers street going through a bathroom window. in most cases crimes are hatch penning middle of the day. the thief looks for a side gate. victims hatch lost electronics and valuable items easy to cart off. >> did you see what happened to the as. thousand in the bay area are heartbroken. as lost their one game playoff. in dramatic fashion. the stae season is over. >> fans filed into ricky's.
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prepared for a game, but not for this ride. an early lead. early hope. long time fans joining together. i hope we get hits and see what happens. >> here, they feel like friend. family. enjoying the ups and downs of playoff baseball. one night to advance. as went down. until the home run. but eventually they saw it coming. extra innings. a nail biter. the as go up and then they lose. a tough game. as played well. i am proud of my team. and, they came through. and within the game. still an as fan.
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oh. such a heartbreak. we are jeoined now. bummer. >> neither teams deserve off to lose. all about the little defense. solid baserunning. timely hitting. as were good. not perfect in all areas tonight. as failed to throw out christian cologne. two pitches later. salvador perez. two strike base hit off jason hamil. ending the as season. >> tough to put into word right now. the kind of tomb they are. character they have. bottle tom line. we had opportunity to put the game away.
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more with the preview coming up in sports. >> a lot of groaning. >> the as are out of mrauof pla. up to the giants. a one-game playoff in pittsburgh. at & t park open. viewing party for the giants' fans at 4:00. >> good evening. meteorologist jeff ranieri. heading out to the san francisco giants' wild card rally. a warm one for us. and 80 degrees. sunny skies. back in pittsburgh. for the game. 67. partly cloudy. coming up. talk mr. about the bay area heat and microclimate forecast and who will reach 100 degrees. >> also ahead. strategy for the makers of the little blue pill. why viagra is focusing on women. >> another secret service blunder? how an armed felon managed to get on an elevator with president obama. we're back in a moment.
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i was a little bit concerned about my health. i was very happy to make my first doctor's appointment. i love my doctor. i'm in for the first time ever. over one million people have enrolled in health insurance through covered california. soon, you can join them. >> in a high profile murder are free for lack of ethics. [ indiscernible ] >> now dismissed. >> santa clara county
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prosecutors dropped murder charges against david zimmer and his brother robert. each charged in the death of david zimmer's wife in 1989. the reason for dismissal. deputy district attorney had an affair with the crime lab technician who processed information. the da's office will review the case and determine if new charges will be filed. >> we'll continue to look. as long as it takes to evaluate the case. and as much resources we need to make sure we put forth a case, the justice deserves. >> kathy zimmer was found dead in her car at san jose airport in 1989. the zimmer brothers have been in custody for the last eight months. >> keeping your limo ride safe. governor brown signing a bill requiring fire extinguishers on board the limousines. and in inspections by the chp, the bill comesen the wha ein th two limo fires. killed five on the san mateo bridge. the governor signed into law a bill that requires all limos to
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have at laes teast two doors op from the inside in the passenger area. along with emergency windows. a security breach involving president obama. an unautized man armed with a gun, rode in an elevator with the president. it happened during the president's trip to the cdc in atlanta two weeks ago. the man, was never screened. and had prior convictions for assault and battery. both are major violations of white house protocol. the story emerged hours after julia pearson faced some tough questions on capitol hill. involving the recent white house intruder. >> we have a security procedure that wasn't followed. one week prior an individual climbed the fence and was arrested within second. secret service taking a some changed made. and the front door locks. >> raescial profiling when it
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comes to math. black and latino freshmen put in lo lower classes when they have the skills in silicone valley. a take away in east palo alto. cheryl hurd takes a look at the held back record and impact on california kids. the problem is so big it got attention of the california black legislative caucus. came here in big numbers to the elementary school. and some of them were surprised at what they heard. >> throw some money at the problem. >> many members of the black caucus were shocked when they heard that, he was a victim of what is known as math misplacement. >> i think i got low elumped in lower economic status. assumed, low income kids just do not perform as well. >> the son of immigrants from korea, lee was forced to take algebra one in high school. in west philadelphia.
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though he passed the course in eighth grade. >> how pervasive it is throughout the communities. >> leehis story to a panel. a report funded by the silicone valley foundation, found african-americans and latinos in some san mateo and santa clara school distrekicts were asked t repeat algebra one though they passed in #th grade. math misplacement was dub with minority students in a disproportionate over white students. >> it happens, some teachers for various reasons have a bias towards kids of color, particularly, latino and african-american kids. >> black caucus members believe the study shows some school districts are holding significant mnumber of minority students back and want to do something about it. >> we don't want to have a
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knee-jerk reaction. take a step back. look at policies working and begin to figure out do we introduce legislation to impact the state as a whole. look at tie lpilot projects. they will hold many more townhall meetings throughout california. in east palo alto. cheryl hurd. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri with the microclimate forecast. lot of things going to be just warm. sky camera network. clear skies across the bay. temperatures in the 60s. clear in the south bay. clear in the peninsula. clear for the east bay. and then back toward san francisco. check this out. we zoom in. something rare. though t. yes, we go some nights. without fog. you can not see back towards the golden gate bridge. starting to see early winds build in. helping to scour out any fog at the coastline. see right there. golden gate bridge.
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very visible. so that probably gives most of you an indication what key can expect for tomorrow morning. when it comes to the fog story. little to no cloud cover. great story. south bay. 62 degrees. low 60s in the east bay. for san francisco, few clouds. and on the cooler side in the 50s. and right across the north bay. starting off with 54. take-up into the microclimate forecast as we head throughouts when day with the clearer start. and no fog. going to help to propel temperatures to some hotter levels tomorrow. not going to get extremely uncomfortable in san jose. looking at 8 #. going to get hotter in morgan hill. 93. along the peninsula. check it out. pacifica. 66. beaches getting in on the 70s. beginning tomorrow. palo alto, 87. for most of san francisco, we're going to be in the 70s tomorrow. if you are heading back out toward golden gate bridge. marina. 79. downtown.
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pushing up to 80. heading to stan fran giants wild card rally. at & t park. 4:00 p.m. napa. popping up to 90 tomorrow. and for the trivalley. 91, danville. 90, pleasanton. liver more, 89. what i want to do next peel apart the layers of the forecast. tomorrow going to heat up. key difference as we head from wednesday to friday. friday being the hottest day in the forecast. period. what you are going to see here. are the wind. they're going to begin to shift more offshore. cut out of the north and east. with the northeasterly wind. there is no influence at all. pacific air. that will help temperatures to heat up. we have walnut creek. 99. santa rosa. 97. san jose, 95. half moon bay, 84. take a look at how long it will last. all the way through saturday the going to be uncomfortably,
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dangerously hot for the tri valley. sunday, monday. start to get cooling. as we have been talking about. not only inland. offshore wind event. it gets warm in san francisco. no it is not triple digit. there is other parts of country going, okay, mid yet. not a big deal. you know what it can do in san francisco. when you are not used to that heat. stay here in the 80s. through about saturday. then by sunday. monday the start to cool off. get a look at the rest of the weekend forecast. across the peninsula. cool down as well. sunday. 80s returning. for the north bay, we'll also see numbers drop, but not a whole lot. by sunday. we are still holding on to 90s in the forecast. so as we sum it up. best beach weather. by far this weekend will be half moon bay. 79, and sunny. on saturday. i'm making my plans now. guys. >> suggestion, we go to half moon bay. >> a ritz-carlton there.
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>> makers viagra targeting women. >> hey, raj, jessica, everyone in the bay area. jumping drones with tyler perry. and music from lucinda williams. we have a lot. on next. that's great. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
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california the first state in the country to ban the use of disposable plastic bags. governor brown signed the statewide law saying bags are causing damage to local eco systems. the ban begins next year. coalition of plastic bag manufacturers says it will seek to repeal the law. the ban would cost the states thousand of manufacturing jobs. >> not just going after men. viagra, the stop telling erectile dysfunction drug is using women to marketing prowess. in a 60 second ad. a woman on a bed in tropical vacation setting talks about problems couples encounter when a man is impotent.
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the language much more direct than previous spots. pfizer faces more competition. in three years the patent will run out and jen generics will the market. currently $35 a pill. >> cover your eyes, show you as, low lights and the hear from the raiders new head coach. stay with us. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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>> hello, geraud moncure. if the al wild card game is any in kags of what the 2014 playoffs have in store. stock up on your and acid medication. baseball's post season will not be for the faint of heart. do or die. surprise move. brandon moss in at dez esignate hitter. moss, taking him to downtown kc. two aboard. 5-3 lead. second long ball of the night. to the ninth. as trying to hold on. and, dyson, noruki. and callasbo, and comes in to
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score. as 8-7. christian cologne stealing second. on the pitchout. norris drops the ball. royals, 7th stolen base. perez. ripping, hamil down the left field line. cologne scores. royals win, 9-8. >> feel like a took the ball better than what the line score said. when it is all said and done. it is what it is. and, you know, felt better than what it said. had better stuff than i said. that's not, not going to do anything. bottom line is we lost. regardless how we got there. weep lost. and the loss is a loss. and, packing our stuff and going home. >> giants, pirates. getting ready at the park earlier today. for the game in pittsburgh. baumgartner. pirates won the season match up,
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4-2. but they know this stage is different. >> definitely don't hurt to have, a lot of guys that's been through that already. and, they have come out on the, on the winning side. so, you know, granted this different year, different team. but you know it don't hurt that we have some guys that experienced that. and know, kind of, what kind of mind set they had to have to go out there and compete in the game like this. >> giants will hold playoff game viewing party at at & t tomorrow. the raiders introduce former tony sporano as interim head coach taking over for dennis allen. four years head coaching experience with miami and told us in this in the view he is ready for another shot. >> i have a job to do. i was excited. you know, obviously to have an opportunity to do this. and reggie an mark davis. thought enough of me to give me
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this responsibility. >> took the 2008 dolphins to the post season winning the afc east after the team went 1 and 15 the season before. more news after the break. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity.
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okay. rewind, 25 years, remember the game, tetris.
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during nintendo game boy days. tetris will be made into a movie. based on the 1980s video game. the decision to make the game into a film is raising eyebrows in hollywood. how are they going to do this? tetris doesn't have any characters. only the puzzle pieces. perhaps a silent movie. >> ha-ha-ha. i don't remember that game at all. >> you don't remember tetris. >> my thumbs hurt thinking about it. >> really? >> it was a great game we'll see the movie. >> i have poor spatial ability. i can't do it. >> bye-bye. >> see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tyler perry miles teller


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